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“This Is Love,” Woman Shares Small Yet Powerful Way Husband Uses Oranges To Show He Cares

a picture of a peeled orange inside a refrigerator

Men, it’s time to master a simple skill. A woman shared how her husband started peeling oranges for her, and it’s the sweetest story! In a social media post, Amie Hanson wrote that she usually didn’t like dealing with this fruit because of the eczema on her hands. When she’d peel oranges, it would actually hurt! So, her partner had the perfect response.

“The next day, this was in the fridge,” wrote Amie.

Below the text was a picture of a peeled orange, courtesy of her husband, sealed in a bag to keep it fresh. This sweet man had even drawn a little smiley face on the plastic!

Amie continued, “He proceeded to peel 6 oranges for me every Sunday to last the week, and has continued to do so (when I want oranges). I never asked him to. I don’t need anything fancy. To me this is love.”

Some people are testing their relationships with the “orange peel theory.”

Many social media users would agree with this wife that simple acts of kindness are a sign of true love. In fact, people on social media are even testing their relationships with something called “orange peel theory.” According to New York Post, this viral trend seeks to demonstrate that a caring person will be more than happy to take care of a small task just to make life easier for their partner.

Of course, “orange peel theory” doesn’t claim that you’re a bad husband for not peeling your spouse’s fruit. Rather, people are using it to point out that someone who won’t do the bare minimum for you probably isn’t that invested in the relationship!

Here’s an example of “orange peel theory” in action. In the video below, a wife tells her husband that she’d really like an orange, but doesn’t feel like peeling it. He immediately takes the fruit from her and starts to peel it without question!

Although the “orange peel theory” has given us some pretty adorable videos, it’s always better to communicate openly with your partner rather than test them using online trends! If you don’t think you’re receiving the care you deserve in your relationship, don’t ask your partner to peel an orange. Just tell them how you’re feeling!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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