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Mom Takes Toddler On Virtual Roller Coaster Ride With Adorable At-Home Setup

Left image shows a home roller coaster leaving on a virtual ride. Right image shows the young girl screaming joyfully as her mom simualtes the feel of the coaster navigating a curve in the track.

For various reasons, kids and families might miss out on “fun” activities like amusement parks and roller coasters. In this instance, the little girl is too small to ride the real roller coaster. The mom devised a genius solution using her imagination and took her daughter on a virtual roller coaster ride in a clever homemade simulator. The home roller coaster ride was totally epic, and the child’s facial expressions tell a tale of joy, fear, wonder, and amazement. What an amazing way to create memories!

The scene opens with Mom seated on a bed. An upside-down chair is on her lap, and a pillow is on the seat area. A small girl enters the picture, gently climbing onto the pillow on the chair. It is looking weird, but keep watching.

Image shows a mom and her daughter. Mom has an upside-down chair on her lap and the child is climbing onto the chair to sit on a pillow.
Image from Facebook.

The viewing screen splits once the child sits with legs crisscrossed on the padded platform and holding on. The mom and daughter are on the lower screen, and a roller coaster track appears above them. As the virtual coaster moves, Mom uses the chair legs to add realistic vibrations and tilts during curves. Mom tilts the chair back as they reach the steep incline of the first hill. The “ride” shakes, and you can almost feel the chain pulling the heavy train up the track. The daughter’s face lights up. A fan is blowing in the background, causing the girl’s curly hair to blow as if the ride were really moving!

Left image shows a small child and her mom using an inverted chair as a home roller coaster, ready to begin the ride. Right image shows the mom tilting the chair back to simulate the climb to the top of the first big rise on the virtual track.
Image from Facebook.

This mom went all-out to give her daughter a realistic simulation of this home roller coaster ride. They thought of all the details. Using a few household items and a virtual simulation video, this family has created a priceless memory for their daughter!

The Home Roller Coaster Ride Was Epic!

The screams of joy and happiness were awesome. Mom precisely hit every climb, drop, and curve on the track. The home roller coaster was a total success, providing an excellent experience. Mom seemed to enjoy it, too.

Images show a home roller coaster simulation as the mom moves the "coaster" to hit curves in the track shown on a video screen.
Image from Facebook.

One needs only imagination to provide memories. This ride was so realistic for the young girl. Her screams were real as the “car” zoomed along the track, hitting curves, gentle rises, and quick drops. The occasional disembodied hands in the video did not detract from the experience. They added to it so we could “see” other riders on the coaster.

As a parent, providing your children with memories they carry throughout their lives is an important but unspoken must-do. These parents did something simple but immensely epic! Please share this with other parents who might want to create a home roller coaster for their children.

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