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Toddler Makes Breakfast For Grandpa Like A Pro & It’s Surprisingly Impressive

A toddler concentrates as he works to flip bread he's cooking using chopsticks. There's also an egg cooking next to the bread. The toddler is cooking outside.

Sometimes, all we want in the morning is for someone to make our breakfast for us. But would you trust eating a meal made by a toddler? If it’s made by the one found on the TikTok page allman, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Despite being so young, he’s already becoming quite the master chef. There are lots of fun videos that showcase his skills, and one of the best is when the toddler makes breakfast for his grandpa.

In the video, we watch this talented toddler as he goes through the steps needed to make the perfect breakfast. He’s so patient as he waits for his eggs to cook before flipping them over. And when it comes to the things he no longer needs? Well, why not toss them? Okay, so maybe he hasn’t learned everything about kitchen etiquette, but he’s certainly on his way!

@allman289 The simple pleasures of children#cute ♬ original sound – allman

Best of all, it’s clear that Grandpa approves of his tasty breakfast. Folks from all around the world are in awe at how well this little boy can cook.

“This kid is already a better cook then most fully grown adults,” one person writes.

“I’d trust this kid with my life,” another adds.

Grandpa Enjoys a Delicious Breakfast Made by This Talented Toddler

A Grandpa smiles as he's handed a breakfast sandwich by his toddler grandson.

While it’s easy to assume this kid has some innate ability to cook, people were quick to point out that this probably isn’t the case. On the contrary, many say this is a reminder that kids are often much more capable than we give them credit for.

“This is what happens when you don’t act like kids are incapable just for being young,” someone points out. “Teach them. This is amazing.”

It’s incredible what can happen when we take the time to teach kids. With the right instructions, patience, and some supervision, you never know what they’ll be able to accomplish!

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