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Mom Catches Adorable Footage Of Daughter Cuddling With Orphaned Lamb

A little girl lays on her side on a dog bed. A lamb lays next to her, head resting on the girl's shoulder. The human girl is watching something on a phone.

When the right pet comes into your life, everything changes. For Kat’s family, who goes by wingingfarmlife on social media, animals of all kinds call their house a home. Still, not all of their animal friends stay with them forever (though they’re all someone’s forever pets). But when Kat’s husband discovered an orphan lamb, their daughter felt an immediate connection with the creature.

There was such a huge connection, in fact, that Kat has shared lots of adorable videos for others to enjoy their friendship, too. The first one was taken the very night the lamb was rescued. As you can see, they’re already two peas in a pod, snuggling close like they’ve been doing this for years.

@wingingfarmlife #cadelamb #livingthedream #lamb #lambing #orphanlambs @Mark Ambor ♬ Belong Together (Sped Up) – Mark Ambor

When this adorable girl and sweet lamb aren’t lounging, you can find them running around — literally. The lamb, who they’ve named Bam Bam, is sure to follow her human wherever she goes.

Orphan Lamb Bonds Instantly With This Sweet Little Girl

@wingingfarmlife #cadelamb #livingthedream #lamb #lambing #orphanlambs ♬ you are my sunshine – christina perri

“Omg this is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time,” one person writes in the comments. “Please don’t ever separate them!! He’s a house lamb now.”

This commentor isn’t the only person invested in the lives of Bam Bam and her new human friend. Folks from all over have made it clear where they stand on the matter: Keep these two together! Luckily, Kat gave us the exact update we’re all hoping for…

@wingingfarmlife #livingthedream #foreverpet #bestfriend #lamb #cadelamb #lambupdate #farmdays #wingingit #bestdayever #bestdays #wingingfarmlife ♬ Sweet Child O' Mine – Acoustic – Jae Hall

“I can’t believe how much this has blown up,” Kat admits in the comments of another video. “I love how many people are invested in her new happy life.”

There’s fewer things more wholesome than the friendship between a child and their pet. It’s such a joy to see that these two get to grow up together — and that we get to see some of their adorable moments together online!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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