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Caitlin Clark Ditches Red Carpet To Sign Autographs For Young Fans

Celebrity athlete Caitlin Clark signing autographs at an event.

Basketball player Caitlin Clark inspires young athletes both on and off the court. Just recently, she made a once-in-a-lifetime memory with her fans by leaving the red carpet to sign autographs! Clark was attending the premier of Full Court Press, a docu-series following female basketball players. However, she quickly excused herself from the limelight to meet up with her young fans — some of whom were wearing jerseys with her name on them!

Indiana Fever, Caitlin Clark’s WNBA team, shared the cutest video of the red carpet dodge on social media. This sweet clip shows the athlete sneaking under a temporary barrier in order to reach the throngs of little girls anxiously waiting to meet her.

“Caitlin Clark always has time for the fans,” the team wrote in their caption.

Indiana Fever fans were thrilled to get an autograph from Caitlin Clark.

Commenters were moved by the professional athlete’s kindness toward the young girls who clearly held her in very high esteem.

“Those little girls just saw their hero, you can tell by their excited giggles,” wrote one user.

“She’s such a great person and role model,” added another. “Never forgets about her fans.”

Celebrity athlete Caitlin Clark signing autographs at an event.
Screengrab from TikTok

Of course, Caitlin Clark knows what it’s like to look up to someone. According to WTHR, the basketball player said a few words about how her older brother inspired her dream of pursuing sports.

“I had an older brother that played every sport,” she recalled to the audience. “I just begged to go to his practices, no matter what they were. I wanted to be the little girl dribbling the basketball like all the boys. The first team I was on was an all-boys team.”

However, now Caitlin Clark is the one motivating young kids to reach for the stars. We hope that her appearance in Full Court Stop will bring this excellent role model to an even wider audience.

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