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Indigenous Artist Celebrates Her Jewelry Being Showcased At The Met Gala

Indigenous artist Heather Dickson smiles as she holds out a hair piece she created.

Although there are several important events in the world of fashion, few are as high-profile as the Met Gala. In addition to being a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, it’s also an opportunity to highlight unique and extravagant fashion. But actor, model, and activist Quannah Chasinghorse wanted to do much more. As an Indigenous celebrity, she wanted to showcase art that comes from her culture.

This is how Indigenous artist Heather Dickson found herself tasked with creating jewelry to be worn at the Met Gala. She and Quannah had never met before, but the actor loved her work. So, in less than a week, this talented artist pulled out all the stops to adorn Quannah’s outfit with the most beautiful jewelry. This includes a beaded belt, earrings, and several hair pieces.

@cbcindigenous Model Quannah Chasinghorse wore a Tlingit artist's jewellery at the Met Gala. Heather Dickson @Heather RL Dickson from the Carcross/Tagish First Nation and Nuxalk Nation is the beader behind this intricate work. She got all the accessories – including a beaded belt – done and shipped out from Whitehorse in a week with the help of fellow jeweller Melanie Parsons. Quannah's look was inspired by the forget-me-not flower. #IndigenousTikTok #MetGala #Fashion ♬ original sound – CBC Indigenous

In order to get all of the pieces done, Heather would wake up at 6 a.m. so she could sew all the way until midnight. These tireless days couldn’t have been easy, but she explains that she was “just so excited” that she was always “up and ready to go.”

A huge reason Heather was so excited about this opportunity has to do with the chance to show off Indigenous designs.

Indigenous Star Wears Gorgeous Art at the Met Gala to Represent Her Native American Culture

“I feel like Native art isn’t always seen as fine art or something that would fit in those spaces,” Heather explains. “So it was really beautiful to see Quannah bring us with her.”

Fans of the Met Gala can’t stop raving over Quannah’s gorgeous look. This, of course, includes the jewelry Heather made with love.

“This is amazing!” one person shares. “As a momma of a Tlingit daughter who is starting her beading journey this makes me so proud.”

“That’s crazy you did that beautiful work in a short window!” another shares. “But wow your talent speaks volumes!”

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