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“Mom Was A Firecracker,” Grandma Caught Joyfully Dancing In Adorable Home Video

A grandma smiles as she sits on a couch, dancing with her arms in the air.

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Each and every one of us deals with struggles in life. Still, IM reader Diane C. couldn’t help but be amazed at how her mom would handle what life threw at her. She was a mom to five kids — talk about a lively household! As difficult as it must have been to raise so many little ones, she ended up doing so all by herself. Sadly, Diane’s dad passed away suddenly while she was still young.

As you can imagine, Diane’s mom made lots of sacrifices throughout her life to ensure her kids were happy and healthy. It couldn’t have been easy, but she never let her struggles keep her from finding moments worth celebrating. This was true even when she was 92 years old, and her health was on a decline. See for yourself in the video below. Here, this sweet mom, and grandma at this point, starts dancing!

“She became very ill when she was 92 and still enjoyed music and a good beat,” Diane C. shares with InspireMore. “Nothing stopped her from enjoying the life she had.”

As you can see in the video, this sweet grandma is having the time of her life dancing. It goes to show that joy can be found in even the smallest moments in life. Oftentimes, these are also the moments tend to take for granted.

Joyful Grandma Dancing Touches the Hearts of Her Family — And Countless More

“I would like to be like her,” one person shares in the comment section on Facebook.

“What a delightful mom,” another says.

Although this sweet lady had no intention of spreading positivity when she danced, that’s certainly what this video is doing now. What a great reminder to look out for all of the reasons we have to be grateful in life, even when we’re struggling the most.

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