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Woman Surprises Grandparents With Their Great-Grandson… & Their Reaction Is Too Wholesome

An elderly woman cries tears of joy, eyes closed, as she hugs a woman tightly.

It can be tough when you have loved ones who live all the way across the world. That’s the case for Rowan Elise and her grandparents. While she’s in Canada, they’re in England. You can imagine, then, how difficult it must have been when they couldn’t be around for the birth of Rowan’s son. In fact, ten whole months passed after he was born, and the two of them were still eagerly waiting. Little did they know, however, that Rowan and her baby had a surprise up their sleeves!

For the first time since the baby was born, Rowan ventured out for a solo overseas trip with her little one in tow. Together, they took a nine-hour flight, all so they could finally be with these beloved grandparents. But Rowan couldn’t simply show up. On the contrary, she secretly sets her baby down in his car seat, rings the doorbell, then quickly hides. To say they’re shocked by what they find would be an understatement!

@rowanelise1 A Highlight of my 2024 so far. My first solo overseas trip with my 10 month old baby on a 9 hour flight to surpise them. Well worth it ✨ #cominghome #surprise #fyp #foryou #highlight ♬ original sound – Rowan Elise

There’s no telling what thoughts sped through their minds when they saw a mysterious baby at their front door. Soon enough, though, Rowan appeared, making it clear that they had officially met their great-grandson!

“These are the most grandparent-iest grandparents I have ever seen,” someone writes in the comments, “and I’m living for it.”

80-Year-Old Grandparents Get the Surprise of Their Life When a Baby Pops Up At Their Door

That kind commenter is certainly not alone. In no time, this wholesome video has received over 3 million views. When Rowan saw just how popular the video had gotten, she knew she had to give her grandparents one more surprise. Their reaction to how much love their video is getting is almost as sweet as the original!

@rowanelise1 A little update on what my grandparent’s reaction was after telling them they had over 1.5 million views on their surprsise video! ✨♥️🫶🏻 #viral #fyp #bekind #love #surprise #foryou ♬ original sound – Rowan Elise

As you can see, both grandma and grandpa are adorably blown away by how much people are loving their reactions. I can only image how amazing these videos will be for Rowan’s son when he gets older!

“In a time when there’s so many bad things going on, the joy of your grandparents seeing their great grandchild is such a wonderful happy sight,” someone shares in the comments.

“Oh I just want these to be my grandparents,” another admits. “They’re so warm and inviting.”

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