This Light Doesn’t Need Batteries, Fuel, Or The Sun. It Could Impact Millions Of People Everywhere.

If you live in a first-world country, then having access to lights is really no big deal. You can flip a switch, grab a flashlight, or use your charged-up phone to see in the dark.


But in most third-world countries that are “off the grid” the go-to source is kerosene gas lamps.  This is a problem: it is costly, does not burn cleanly, is not that bright, and is a fire-danger.

Enter GravityLight. This is one of the most brilliant innovations we’ve seen this year.

Developed by a team from the UK, and assembled in Africa, this light has the potential to change how millions of people are able to function once the sun sets. The team brilliantly recognized that gravity (not sunlight) is the most readily available resource on earth.  They have harnessed that resource in this illuminating light.

Functionally, the light is simple but brilliant: it function on a pulley system. A user attaches a weight (up to 24 lbs) to the cord, pulls it up, and then watches as it slowly descends.  The descent takes about 30 minutes and creates the energy needed to light the LED bulb.  The value: a one-time purchase can sustainably light a room for years (as long as the system holds together).  Their Indiegogo campaign is aimed at funding an even more efficient system!

Watch the video below and share this magnificent innovation today!

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