Professional Musicians Team Up With Neighborhood Kids To Bring Community Joy.

Music breaks barriers and fosters connections in ways little else can.

Just ask Steph Koenig of Toronto, Canada, whose neighbors were strangers to her before the novel coronavirus pandemic. That’s when some of them used their passion to bring the entire community together!

neighborhood music

“In seven years, I’ve never met my neighbors,” Steph wrote on Facebook. “Now, seeing them is the best part of my day.”

Steph lives up the street from a couple that works with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Back in March, the gifted musicians noticed a group of kids playing their instruments outside and asked if they could join in.

Thus began a beautiful tradition for the group of eight! They quickly turned their jam sessions into daily concerts for their neighbors.

From Backstreet Boys classics to “Star Wars” theme songs, they’re bringing plenty of uplifting music to their new friends!

They’ve kept it up for more than 50 nights now, and their neighbors love it so much they’re hoping the tunes keep going even after quarantine is over.

Something tells us they’ll get their wish! After all, these musicians enjoy performing just as much as their audience appreciates listening to them.

One night in May, Steph wrote, “The dad from the main house said it’s been one of the greatest honors of his life to entertain us each night.”

Here’s to many more evenings of good music and friendship in this neighborhood and countless others around the world! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We’re all in this together!

Listen to the group’s fantastic take on “The Golden Girls” theme song in the video below, and share their talent to bring others joy. For more stories of hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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