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Chihuahua Protects Tiny Kitten Between 2 Porta Potties & Refuses To Leave Her Side.

In shelter lingo, the term “bonded pair” refers to animals who have been together for so long and developed such a strong bond, they can’t possibly be separated.

Typically these animals are littermates, and they’re almost always members of the same species…  But that isn’t the case for Morticia and Gomez.


Morticia is a tuxedo kitten, less than a year old, and her pal Gomez is a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix. And yes, they’re a bonded couple, though no one’s quite sure how that happened. They were homeless for at least part of their lives until late last month, when a passerby spotted the two huddled together between a couple portable toilets at a soccer park in Hampton, Virginia.


Cats, even young cats, usually do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves. But Gomez was so protective of his little friend that he growled any time someone came close. Several local residents arrived and blocked the escape routes until someone from animal control arrived. Gomez couldn’t have been homeless for long because he seemed to be in pretty good health, but Morticia had some skin issues that needed medical care, so off she went to the emergency vet.

The shelter where they were brought has a rule that prohibits cats and dogs from sharing the same space,so Morticia and Gomez were separated. But they did get occasional play dates:

morticia and gomez playdate

The days passed and no one ever came to claim them. Meanwhile, a local animal lover named Turkan Ertugrul spotted them on Facebook. She runs a rescue organization in the area, Saver of Souls Pet Rescue, and when she saw their sad faces gazing back at her, it was more than she could take.

turkan ertugrul

She pulled them both from the shelter and found someone to foster them together.

It was immediately clear that both animals were better together. “They are both happier and more outgoing when together than when they meet people individually,” said Turkan.


Thankfully, the pair will never have to be be apart, as Saver of Souls Pet Rescue recently got to share the best knews: Morticia and Gomez were adopted together! 


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