14 Wholesome Posts That Remind Us You Can Find Smiles Around Every Corner

dual memes boys in tube boys in mcdonalds

I’ve always appreciated the Red Car analogy. It states that if you are on the lookout for red cars, you see more red cars than you would otherwise. I like to apply this mentality to silliness, too. If you’re on the lookout for opportunities to laugh, you can certainly find them!


Today’s string of fun is a necessary reminder that giggles are around every corner if you take the time to look.

1. You’re never too old to make a splash.

men in waterslide at waterpark shown in tube
This image is sourced from Facebook.

We only grow up. We don’t grow old.

2. You wanted a three carat ring? How about a fourteen carrot kitchen!

child featured balancing carrots on shelves
This image is sourced from Facebook.

A core memory was made here!

3. Any day is a holiday if you declare it!

meme describing random holiday
This image is sourced from Facebook.

This is the most wholesome thing we’re read day.

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