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Alligator Hilariously “Skedaddles” When Tough Beagle Takes Him On

Close up of an alligator with their mouth wide open.

There are certain things that people come to expect when living in Florida. This includes the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and alligator sightings. That last one is less than ideal. Especially if the alligator you’re spotting has taken home in your own backyard. Natalia Rojas, an artist who lives in Tampa, recently dealt with this exact situation. The alligator has been showing up so much, in fact, she started to call him Ricardo. Although Natalia wasn’t quite sure what to do about the alligator, her bold beagle sure did!

First, it’s important to note that alligators can and will prey on dogs. That’s why Natalia never leaves her kids or beagle, whose name is Pinto, outside alone. This arrangement works well for the most part… except for times when Ricardo is outside right when Natalia’s family wants to be there, too. Unsure of what to do, Natalia starts recording the gator just as another woman quietly pleads for the alligator to leave. When this doesn’t work, Pinto steps up in the most adorable, and surprisingly effective, way.

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When only the humans are peering at Ricardo from the closed door, he couldn’t care less about what they want. But as soon as Pinto shows up, ferociously barking, the alligator realizes he’s truly overstayed his welcome. Instantly, Ricardo turns on his heels, booking it across the lawn and back toward the nearby water. Needless to day, Pinto is now getting praised for being the good boy that he’s always been.

Brave Beagle Scares Off Pesky Alligator Like it’s Nothing

“That beagle has waited his whole life for this moment,” someone writes in the comments of this now viral video.

“Never heard a dog yell like that,” another person points out. “He saying ‘get on, get!'”

I wonder if Ricardo will ever be brave enough to return to Natalia’s house after such a harrowing experience — only time will tell, of course. Either way, Pinto is sure to be on guard for any potential dangers that might come their way, alligator or otherwise!

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