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“What My Giant Cat Looks Like Next To His Siblings”

A man holding a giant grey cat in his arms.

One pet dad is showing the world just how large his cat is by comparing the animal to his four-legged siblings. You’ll be surprised at how this feline measures up to some of the big dogs in his household! This huge cat, named Winston, is going viral online because of his owner’s YouTube video. We’re not sure what breed of cat he is, but we do know that he’s a big boy!

“He has no idea how big he is either,” wrote the kitty’s dad in his caption. “Winston is literally the sweetest cat!”

First, Winston is shown next to an absolutely massive black dog. Although the cat doesn’t look particularly giant in comparison, we need to remember that a regular-sized kitty would look way, way smaller!

A large grey cat next to a giant black dog.
Screengrab from YouTube

Next comes a clip of Winston cuddling in bed with another large dog. This time, it’s clearer that the cat is way closer in size to the giant, fluffy pooch than your average feline!

A fluffy cat and dog snuggling together in bed.
Screengrab from YouTube

Winston the giant cat looks huge next to other kitties!

Of course, it’s not until we see the kitty next to one of his own kind that we realize just how massive he is. Winston towers over his smaller sibling, a black cat!

A big grey cat next to a small black cat.
Screengrab from YouTube

Commenters on the YouTube video loved seeing Winston the giant cat next to his other four-legged family members.

“I like that the giant cat and the giant dogs together just look like regular sized cats and dogs,” one user said.

Another wrote, “I love how small he looked next to the dogs, but compared to the other cat he looked ginormous.”

A third added, “No matter how big the kitty, he’s still a baby to the doggies.”

A man holding a giant grey cat in his arms.
Screengrab from YouTube

Whether tiny or giant, all cats are the perfect shape for cuddles. Winston’s size means that there’s even more of him to love!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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