Girl With Autism Has Meltdown In Cafeteria So “Angel” Custodian Steps In To Help.

Teachers deserve all the praise they can get for making such a huge impact in their students’ lives. But there are other unsung heroes at our children’s schools — the ones who love and support them just as much.

One Texas family is making sure a school custodian gets recognition for her simple yet moving gesture toward their little girl. Hollie Bellew-Shaw and her husband, Dave, have two daughters. Their youngest, Kenlee, is a fourth-grader at Passmore Elementary. She also has autism.

Kenlee and her family

Recently, Kenlee had a hard day at school. All the noise and bustle coming from the cafeteria overwhelmed the girl one September morning. So she laid down, wrapped herself in her blanket, and covered her ears, trying to block it all out. Then, something beautiful took place. Mrs. Esther, a custodian at the school, got down on the floor as well to comfort Kenlee. And she stayed there, gently patting the girl’s back.

mrs esther comforts kenlee

Hollie shared a photo of the touching moment on Facebook, calling Mrs. Esther an “angel on campus” and the “sweetest individual in the world.” It’s no wonder she’s one of Kenlee’s favorite people at the school. Hollie says the two have shared a special bond for the past three years.

“Kenlee adores Mrs. Esther,” Hollie said. “She always greets my daughter with kind words and a hug which is so special to her.”

hollie's facebook post

“This goes to show you that a kind word, a hug, and a little compassion are all it takes to make a huge difference in a child’s life,” Alvin Independent School District added in a Facebook post liked by thousands. Others agreed, pointing out that Kenlee will never forget the woman thanks to her heart of gold.

custodian facebook thread
custodian facebook comment

Let’s all follow this wonderful lady’s example the next time we see someone who could use a little kindness. We often underestimate the impact of one sweet gesture.

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