When It Comes To Adorable Animals, These 15 Kids Are The G.O.A.T.

baby goats

There are few things that can out-cute a baby goat. The little bitty hooves, the adorable tiny ears… and that’s before you even factor in their baby goat bleat! In case you needed a pick-me-up today, enjoy a series of adorably tiny baby goats doing little goat-like antics. 


1. This little one can’t stop yelling — In true goat fashion, of course.

2. Ok, this one’s not a goat… But they’re wearing an adorable sweater! 

baby sheep

3. Look at all these adorable little hops, it’s almost like they’re dancing a jig!

4. I just want to get a cup of tea and a picnic blanket and hang out with this little one out there!

baby goat sunset

5. What’s better than one baby goat? A stampede of baby goats — Plus a few bonus lambs.

6. This one literally fits in the palm of your hand. So tiny!

baby goat in hand

7. Can I go for a walk here? With these little goats? Asking for a friend. 

baby goats running in field

8. This little one just looks so relaxed, where do I sign up to relax with baby goats?

baby goat laying down

9. Can you ask for anything more than a bunch of tiny baby goats drinking bottles?

10. This one’s trying to nurse on their fingers! How adorable is that?

goat bites finger

Which one was your favorite? I think the little one in the palm of a hand was pretty darn adorable. There were a few cute little sheep in there too, maybe next time they get their own montage? 

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here.

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