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Baby’s Heartwarming Reaction to Seeing Grandma for the First Time in Months Brings Internet to Happy Tears

Baby Grandma

This baby and his grandma have a unique bond that is bringing millions on the internet to happy tears.

Long-distant grandparents understand the pain of missing grandchildren for weeks, months, or even years on end. And that pain is especially brutal when the grandchildren are babies because they’ll usually forget grandma or grandpa and treat them like strangers if enough time passes. But one little guy did not have that problem after he went over two months without seeing his grandma—despite only being months old himself.

A video captured by Jessica Wilson Jones shows the remarkable moment her baby reunited with his grandmother. While he had spent most of his life away from her, he somehow remembered who she was, and he was overwhelmed with joy.

The video showed the baby’s father greeting the grandma outside an airport. For a brief moment, the baby didn’t seem to recognize the woman who was standing in front of him. But when she talked, he perked right up.

At first, she picked him up and studied his face. The little boy looked confused until his grandma said, “It’s me.” That very second, a sweet smile took over his face and he reached out for the best hug. He snuggled close and touched her face almost like he couldn’t believe he was seeing her in real life, which means the two probably stayed connected via video calls.

“The way he hugged you back was precious 🥰,” wrote a viewer.

“I think grandmas give off a special energy only children can see .. then we fall in love 🥰 miss you grandma 💜💜,” shared a sentimental follower.

“Oh that’s his Heart look how he loves up on her and that smile 🥰,” wrote another follower. “Beautiful Blessing.”

“That hug he gave her took me out 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰” a commenter admitted.

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