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Skateboarder Risks A Very Stinky Day To Save Trapped Skunk

A skunk being lifted out of a skate park on a piece of equipment.

When skateboarder Johnny Ringer encountered a skunk in a difficult situation at the skate park, he knew he needed to save the innocent critter. However, he didn’t want to get too close for obvious reasons! Instead, he hatched a plan to free the animal from their predicament. It took a few tries, but he was eventually able to help the animal out.

Johnny shared his hilarious and heroic footage of the rescue on social media. See, the problem was that the skunk had fallen down into the bowl, which meant that every path upward was sloped and slippery. It’s a great design for skateboards, but not so much for little animals! In order to save the skunk, the skateboarder slid down to the bottom of the bowl and offered a helping hand. However, as soon as the skunk raised their tail, he realized this was a bad idea!


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♬ rodeo dr – Gunna

Plan B of the mission to save the skunk involved the skateboarder holding his board out to the creature while perched at the edge of the bowl. Unfortunately, the animal was not in a big hurry to jump onto the lifeline. So, Johnny tried to entice the skunk with some water. This definitely succeeded in getting their attention!

Next, Johnny extended his camera tripod to the animal. Getting them to hang on wasn’t easy, but this skateboarder wasn’t about to give up on saving the skunk! After a few failed attempts, the little animal was finally able to get a good grip on the tripod. Johnny carefully lifted the skunk out of the bowl and set them on the ground.

A skunk being lifted out of a skate park on a piece of equipment.
Screengrab from TikTok

Once the creature was free, they hightailed it out of the skatepark and into some nearby foliage. Johnny was pretty proud of how the rescue turned out!

“I got him out, didn’t get sprayed, that’s a win,” he said in his video.

It was pretty daring for this skateboarder to save the skunk despite the risks involved! We’re so glad that the critter is safe and that Johnny didn’t wind up stinky after his good deed.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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