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Strangers Come Together In Incredible Act Of Selflessness To Help Sesame Street Puppeteer Search For Lost Heirloom

A two-photo collage. The first shows Kathleen Kim covering her mouth as she gets emotional. The second image shows a white jade necklace in a box.

For decades, Sesame Street has been a wonderful source of education and joy for countless children. So, when one of its puppeteers asked for help, those very same fans chose to take action. In a now viral video, Kathleen Kim shares that her mom’s white jade necklace was stolen. This piece of jewelry is worth a lot of money, but that’s not the reason she wants it back.

As Kathleen explains in the video, this necklace is a family heirloom. An aunt gave the necklace to her mom, and she’s kept it ever since, even when selling it might have made more sense financially. Then, Kathleen got the part of Ji Young. This made her the first Korean American puppet on the show. To show how proud she was of Kathleen, her mom gave her the jade necklace. Learn more about how the necklace was stolen and why it means so much to Kathleen in the video below.

@kaffykim ultimately it's just a material object, the important thing is we're all safe and moving on but it means so much to my family and people recommended asking the TikTok community for help. 🙏 #fyp #foryou #stolen #helpme #help #sesamestreet #muppets #puppeteer #koreanamerican #aapi #jiyoung #asianparents #jadenecklace #koreanjade #korean ♬ original sound – Kathleen Kim

On top of dealing with the devastation of a fire, Kathleen and her family are dealing with the loss of this family heirloom. She’s tried her best to find it but, understandably, she’s reaching a point where she can’t keep looking. But, before she gives up, she’s hoping the TikTok community can aid her in this search.

Since Kathleen reached out for help, videos have been pouring in from generous folks. In fact, the man in the video below is offering quite a lot of money for the return of this necklace.

@muretaandco #stitch with @Kathleen Kim #stolenjewelry #muretaandco #fillmorestreetsf #bayarea ♬ original sound – Mureta & Co.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAT???? SIR,” Kathleen writes in the comments of the above video, clearly amazed by his generosity. “WHAAAAT????? WHY?!!”

“Because my kids loved Sesame Street,” the man replies, “and you deserve to have your necklace.”

Kind Sesame Street Fans Search for Kathleen Kim’s Stolen Necklace

Then there’s folks like Robbie Harvey. He made a moving, thoughtful video to help spread word of Kathleen’s story. And, like the other man, he’s ensuring that if anyone gives him info on the necklace, their identities will remain a secret.

@therobbieharvey @Kathleen Kim ♬ original sound – Robbie Harvey

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this perfect video,” Kathleen shares in the comments, “and for sharing it with your beautiful community.”

Although Kathleen’s necklace has yet to be found, it’s oh-so heartwarming to see the way folks from all over are coming together to help this beloved woman. It’s clear that Kathleen has made a lasting impact on so many people. In turn, I hope that this reminder will bring comfort to her as she continues her search for this special necklace.

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