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Dollar Store Puts Up Sign When Unusual Character Starts Showing Up In Front Of Store

A note to customers from a dollar store warning them about the rooster who frequents the store

There’s a running joke that a Dollar General pops up in any open field across America. That sometimes seems very accurate, as the chain of stores has locations everywhere. The iconic discount department stores carry a variety of items, including clothing, household items, outdoor equipment, groceries, and more. Each store is the same but also unique. One Dollar General store has an unofficial rooster mascot named Fred.

When the note appeared on the door of one of the drink coolers, customers knew they needed to adopt him, too. The note began, “Dear Customers, There is NOTHING we can do about Fred (the rooster) he does not belong to any one [sic] that works here, but we do enjoy his company.”

Note to customers on Dollar General: "Dear Customers, There is NOTHING we can do about Fred (the rooster) he does not belong to any one that works here, but we do enjoy his company.. He will NOT harm you, he is just probably looking to get fed. He is NOT allowed in the store so we do chase him away if it happens. We and corporation can NOT do anything about him, as he does NOT belong to us."
Image from TikTok.

The note in the dollar store tells customers that the rooster is harmless and is probably just looking for food. They urge people to keep the rooster out of the store. For the most part, Fred the Rooster hangs out near the store’s front doors. Some customers are fearful, while others want to touch the little fellow.

Fred the rooster standing outside of the dollar store
Image from TikTok.

The images were posted on TikTok by a user who stated that the rooster replaced a previous feline mascot named Mr. General. We can’t verify that, but it sounds legitimate. Many animals will inhabit an area where people come and go if they are lost or looking for food.

rooster outside dollar story
Image from TikTok.

Many stores adopt stray animals as unofficial mascots, like this dollar store and the rooster. At Home Depot home improvement stores, many stores adopt cats like Leo and Cheeks from their local rescue to perform rodent control duties in and around the store. Animals make people smile! Please share this with others if Fred makes you smile.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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