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84-Yr-Old Abused Parrot Finally Finds His Happy Ending With Loving Family

Images show Koko the Amazon parrot.

Amazon parrots can live an average of 40 to 60 years in captivity. We are amazed that a previously abused parrot is 84 years old. We are also happy that the Amazon parrot Koko is now in his forever home. GeoBeats Animals recently covered Koko’s life.

Koko was born in 1940 and spent his early life in a flower shop. After 30 years, he went to live with their daughter. Because of their long lifespan, parrots often become an inheritance, which is where this story gets sad. Koko’s next home was with the daughter’s ex-husband, who may have abused the parrot. But then it gets happy again.

Image shows Ashvin Ghisyawan and Linda Lin, the "parents" of Koko, the 84 year old parrot.
Image from Instagram.

After his rescue, Koko spent a brief period at an animal sanctuary. After the parrot rescue, Koko spent a few years with another human, who was friends with Ash. Ashvin Ghisyawan and Linda Lin adopted Koko, and he is now experiencing his “happily ever after.” Koko adores Linda and spends time with her whenever he can.

Image shows Linda Lin with the formerly abused parrot, Koko, after his rescue.
Image from Instagram.

Koko is blind, but Ash says he is still living his best life. We can believe that. Ash and Linda have several birds in their little flock, including African Grays and Macaws. They felt Koko needed a friend, so they adopted Chico, who is a bit smaller and much younger. They huddle, cuddle, and groom one another while they converse with chirps.

Image shows 84-year-old Koko on the right with his bird buddy Chico, a smaller and younger Amazon parrot.
Image from Instagram.

Ash is a photographer, so Linda’s Instagram has many photos and neat videos (but not many featuring Ash). You can also see the rest of the beautiful birds in their flock. Ash and Linda genuinely care for the birds in their charge. Koko, the formerly abused parrot, now has great bird parents.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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