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Tiny Drummer Boy Melts Hearts With ‘Bruh’ Face After His Music Festival Solo is Cut Short

drum baby

A little boy with Apert syndrome made music lovers melt when he showcased his drumming skills in 2021. Now he’s a full-fledged music artist with his own music on Spotify.

Daniel Carson Lee became an internet star when he played his electric green drum set at a music festival. A baby at the time, he felt the beat with some natural-born talent as he played along with a featured band.

Daniel’s mom, Allie Jean, caught the little boy’s solo on video and posted it to his TikTok page, danielcarsonlee. And while his skills brought people to the video, his adorable attitude kept them watching—on repeat.

The clip shows Daniel listening to the band and getting his bearings. Then, he jumps in and starts jamming along with them. However, shortly after he begins, the band stops. When that happens, the look on his face is priceless.

“That was the most serious ‘BRUH’ look a child could ever have.” someone laughed in the comments.

“Omg, the way he looked over his shoulder like, “What the heck??” 😂🥰.” a follower wrote.

The sweet little drummer boy brought over 45 million views to the video, and people are still visiting three years later.

“Whenever I am having a bad day, I watch this little video and it cheers me up,” someone admitted. “He’s such a cutie! And his little face when they stop playing 😍.”

After Daniel’s video went viral, his mom released an album with the help of her little boy. She also runs several social media pages featuring Daniel and his music as a way of spreading awareness for Apert syndrome. Daniel was born with the rare genetic disorder that causes the skull, hand, and foot bones to fuse.

You can find the link to this story’s featured image here.

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