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Cat Rescue Gets A Surprise When They Receive A Box With A “Kitten” Inside

Close up of a bobcat kitten being held in someone's hands.

Keeping our animal friends safe and happy is no small feat. That’s why organizations like the Sierra Pacific Furbabies exist. This nonprofit in particular aims to rescue cats and kittens on euthanasia lists and on the streets of California. In doing so, they are in the position to meet quite a few interesting felines. Still, nothing could have prepared them for what they found in a box they were given. Rather than a house kitten, like the person who gave it to them thought, the rescue was left with a bobcat kitten.

While both animals are incredibly small and cute, as you can imagine, they are two very different creatures. As tempting as it may be to domesticate the bobcat, they simply aren’t meant to live with us humans. In turn, David and the other rescuers were quick to contact local wildlife rehabilitation experts to take over from there. In the meantime, though, it’s clear that they very much enjoyed the time they had with this absolutely adorable creature!

@davidloop65 An interesting day today. I have to admit I really enjoyed my experience. @stefanie.lynn00 @Maddie &lt3 @Wesley @Shailee Ketcham @Loop #fyp #davidloop65 #cat #catdad #cattok #catsoftiktok #catmom #catlover #kitten #kittensoftiktok ♬ original sound – David Michael Loop

Once a wildlife expert arrived, David and the team learned more about this sweet bobcat. This includes what’s next for this little guy. Despite getting quite comfy around humans, the rescuer assures them that once he’s added to a new group of bobcats, he’ll be quick to fit right in with them. How cool is that?

When a Bobcat Kitten Gets Mistaken for a House Cat, These Rescuers Save the Day

“That’s so crazy! The way he immediately felt comfortable in your arms,” someone writes in the comments. “Such a cute baby. I’m glad they’re taking care of him.”

“Thank you for being responsible and giving him to a wildlife rehab,” another person shares. “So many people would have kept it for a pet not realizing.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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