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“Obsessed” Wife Can’t Stop Gushing About Husband of 25 Years & It’s Too Cute

A wife on TikTok talks about how she's obsessed with her husband.

Some say that marriage is hard work, but this wife on the internet is so obsessed with her wonderful husband that she’s still waiting for the difficult part to kick in. Tara Clark posted the most adorable “rant” on TikTok, and it’s all about how amazing and adorable her partner is! These two have been married for 25 years, and they’re still knee-deep in their honeymoon phase. If you want proof that true love exists, just listen to Tara wax poetic on all her husband’s incredible qualities!

“He’s just so cute,” she raved in her video. “I literally have to bite my hand sometimes because if he’s not in reach, I need to bite him, I need to squeeze him.”

Of course, being cute is only one of this partner’s attributes. This “obsessed” wife also brought up his sweetness, his listening skills, and his attentiveness.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve him,” Tara said.

After all these years, this wife is still obsessed with her husband.

Recounting how she met her partner, the TikToker said he showered her with affection as soon as they started dating. It’s worth mentioning that Tara used the phrase “love bombing” to describe her husband’s kindness. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this term usually refers to a manipulation tactic in which someone uses “grand gestures” to emotionally overwhelm their partner. However, we know that this isn’t what Tara meant. She just wanted to convey how her husband made her feel special!

“Our second date, he paid attention to every little thing I ever said that I liked, and he had it all laid out,” Tara recalled.

A wife on TikTok talks about how she's obsessed with her husband.
Screengrab from TikTok

If you check out the comments section on this video, you’ll see that this wife isn’t the only person who’s still obsessed with her partner after many years of marriage! Tons of other users chimed in with their own heartwarming tales of romance.

“I’m obsessed with my wife,” wrote one user. “The excitement of being around her is stronger than it was when we first met. We still fight and stuff but man she’s for me.”

“I don’t believe in a honeymoon phase,” added another. “I’m in a long-term relationship and I still get nervous when we go on dates.”

We love to hear these kinds of love stories from husbands, wives, and partners who are still “obsessed” with each other. It reminds us that, even if relationships are hard work sometimes, they’re often worth it in the end!

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