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Seagull Boy: 9-Year-Old’s Hilarious Bird Impression Wins Screeching Competition

Image shows 9-yr-old Cooper Wallace after he won the European Screeching Competition in Belgium.

After getting a nick from a seagull, a young boy transforms into a seagull boy. Cooper Wallace, from Chesterfield in Derbyshire, is a budding hero in a tale fit for a comic book. The 9-year-old flew to Belgium to compete in the European Championship Gull Screeching event in De Panne. Wowing the judges, Cooper scored an incredible 92 out of 100 points.

The seagull boy easily won the juvenile-level competition at the seagull screeching contest, scoring the most points in all age brackets. The judges scored by rating each contestant’s calls. There were additional points for the authenticity of the costume. Judges also evaluated each competitor’s ability to mimic actual seagull behavior. Cooper’s demonstration included him pecking French fries to “steal” them from his sister.

During an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Cooper said, “I feel like they are a really nice animal, I like them because of their noise.” Cooper also discussed a change in his eating habits at the beach, “Sometimes they can be a bit scary and I’m still a bit wary of eating at the beach, so that’s why I eat in a small tent.”

"Seagull Boy" Cooper Wallace was all smiles after winning the European Screeching Competition.
Image from YouTube.

Seagulls are opportunistic scavengers, so it is no surprise that one pecked at Cooper when he was younger. Amazingly, the young man used that scary experience to learn and understand these flying trash pandas. Although he may still harbor a small bit of fear, Cooper has given the negative experience a positive spin.

With his positive attitude, Cooper faced ridicule from his schoolmates while practicing for the seagull screeching contest in Belgium. Now that he has officially received the award, his classmates will screech praise rather than tease Cooper. Please screech about Cooper’s victory!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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