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When Repairman With Cancer Was Scammed Out Of $27k, This Woman Stepped Up To Help

A man looks emotional as he looks down, placing a hand on his chest. A woman stand next to him and smiles. She has one hand on his back and the other on her own chest.

Shannan Eaves has one of the best repairmen you could ask for — now, folks from all around the world know this, too. Her home experiences frequent issues, and Jeff is always the person she turns to for help. He never overcharges her and, according to Shannan, she even thinks he undercharges her at times. For these reasons and more, Shannan was heartbroken to hear that the repairman was diagnosed with cancer.

This diagnosis wasn’t the first heartbreaking thing to happen to Jeff recently. His daughter died giving birth. Now, Jeff and his wife are raising their granddaughter. Needing to take time off for chemo, and to spend time with family, Jeff tried to invest his retirement savings to ensure they had enough money. Despite his research, the platform he invested in turned out to be a scam. He lost over half of his retirement fund, forcing him to go back to work while fighting cancer.

@shannaneaves I cry about this daily. I want to start a go fund me for him. It breaks my heart. #scammed #scammers #cancer #cancersucks #sadstory ♬ Think Of Me Once In A While, Take Care – Take Care

Heartbroken for Jeff, Shannan shared a bit of his story in the above video. In turn, folks encouraged her to create a GoFundMe. Here, she further gave details on this sweet man and his difficult journey. To say that people felt moved by his struggles would be an understatement.

Kind Woman Raises Money for Repairman With Cancer

In less than 24 hours, over $8,000 dollars were raised! Needless to say, Shannan couldn’t wait to give Jeff the exciting update. Wanting to memorialize this life-changing moment, she captured his reaction to the news in the video below. In it, you’ll also see Jeff spreading that news to his wife!

@shannaneaves Replying to @sasha ❤️‍🔥 ♬ original sound – Sme

“The long awaited update video of Jeff finding out what you have all done for him,” Shannan’s caption reads. “It’s now up to $21,000.00. You guys changed his life and it has restored my faith in humanity.”

Beloved Repairman Blown Away by World-Wide Support

But this story only gets better! After six days, Shannan was able to raise a grand total of $33,153 for Jeff and his sweet family. To help ensure the money stays safe, according to a comment made by Shannan, they’ll be helping him get a financial advisor. To say that Jeff and his wife are blown away by all the generous strangers helping them would be an understatement.

@shannaneaves Replying to @Cirena Wilson ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

The GoFundMe has since been closed, per Jeff’s request, but the outpour of love he continues to get from Shannan’s comment section is still going strong.

“Jeff. You can pay back by focusing on yourself, your health, your family and enjoying your retirement!” one person writes.

“I’m so happy to see that it went 30k+ I think he deserved more, but so humble of him to ask for no more donations,” another shares. “I hope he’s feeling fantastic soon.”

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