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Mom Keeps Permanent Reminder Of Son’s Heartfelt Gesture Of Kindness

Close up of a woman's arm with a tattoo in her kid's handwriting that reads: I love you mom

Kids have the special ability to melt our hearts in the most unexpected ways. This is all-the-more true when that kid is one of your own. Lexi, a Twitter user, shared the heartwarming moment her young son left her an unexpectedly sweet note, inspiring her to get a tattoo of it! It all started on a particularly rough morning for Mom. According to Lexi’s post, she was “scrambling” so much in order to get ready for work that she didn’t even have time to pack her own lunch.

Naturally, Lexi’s son took note of this. But then, without being asked, he took the time to make his mom a lunch. This random act of kindness alone meant the world to Mom. But then, when it came time for her to eat her lunch at work, she discovered something even more precious. Inside her packed lunch was a hand-written note. There were only four words, but they were oh-so meaningful: I love you mom.

A handwritten note on a napkin, clearly written messily like a kid: I love you mom

Not only did this sweet kid consider that his mom needed help with lunch, he also took the time to writer her a caring message. There’s no doubt that the stress of the day was lifted off her shoulders in that moment. That’s why, when given the chance, Lexi chose to keep this message forever in the form of a tattoo. Best of all, it’s in his exact handwriting!

Mom Memorializes Her Son’s Handwritten Note in a Sweet Tattoo

Close up of a woman's arm with a tattoo in her kid's handwriting that reads: I love you mom

“Context, I write him notes every single day and put them in his lunchbox. It’s amazing what kids pay attention to,” Lexi shares, adding, “I’m currently deployed and seeing it every day warms my heart and helps me through this time without him.”

What a clever way to always remember such a special moment with your kid!

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