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Woman’s Family Honors Her Stillborn Son In Heartbreakingly Beautiful Way

People wearing letter and name bracelets to honor someone.

After suffering the devastating loss of her baby, one woman’s family has decided to remember the stillborn by wearing personalized bracelets with the first initial of his name! This mom shared the most beautiful photos on TikTok of her loved ones wearing their “Matty bracelets.” Some family members wore the “M” on engraved charms, while others had letter beads. Matty’s mother was so touched by their decision to honor her late child!

“Since joining this horrible baby-loss club, I am reminded every day how lucky I am to have my family,” the woman wrote in her caption. “They were eagerly waiting to meet my son and they are grieving too.”

A person wearing a chain bracelet with a letter charm.
Screengrab from TikTok

Posting on TikTok as “Matty’s Mama,” the stillborn baby’s mother further explained how the bracelets were helping her family deal with the grief.

“We all wear our ‘Matty Bracelets’ to keep his memory close to us,” she wrote. “It helps us think about him more. It also helps us talk about him when people ask. It’s beautiful to receive so much support. I love my family.”

A person wearing two bracelets with letter beads.
Screengrab from TikTok

Commenters were so supportive and kind in response to this touching post by Matty’s Mama! One user shared their own story of how their family helped them through the grief of losing their child.

“Our baby was born sleeping at 37 wks,” they wrote. “Everything for her nursery was owl-themed. Everyone in my family got owl related tattoos. She would have been 10 today.”

Another commenter said, “When my daughter was in labor the couple next to her lost their baby. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever experienced. I am so sorry for your loss!”

A third person wrote, “Love that you have all this support. They all love him so much!”

Whether it’s a bracelet, a tattoo, or something else entirely, having a memento to honor a stillborn baby is such a sweet idea. We’re glad that this family is finding ways to get through the grief.

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