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Strangers Share Heartwarming Stories Of Small Acts Of Kindness They’ll Never Forget

A woman with tears in her eyes looks into the distance. Text on the image reads: The small act of kindness I was shown that I will never forget

Heartbreak is never easy. Whether you’re going through a breakup, the loss of a loved one, or simply a tough day, it can be oh-so difficult to carry on with life like normal. This is especially true when you have to be in public. This is also just one of the reasons it’s so important to be kind to others because we can never truly know what they’re going through. A woman named Hannah not only experienced heartbreak recently, but she also had a total stranger make her day.

It all started when Hannah’s long-term relationship officially ended. She and her friend proceeded to sit in a hotel restaurant. Here, Hannah cried and vented for two hours. During that time, the restaurant staff not only took note, but also came up with a sweet way to make Hannah’s day better. Without being asked, a desert was brought out. With it, a message that reads, “things will get better.”


“It’s safe to say I cried even more when I saw the desert,” Hannah shares.

In sharing this beautiful moment, Hannah is inspiring others to share small acts of kindness they’ve experienced that make them think, “I’ll never forget this.”

Strangers Share “Small Acts of Kindness I’ll Never Forget”

Like Hannah, the woman in the story below knows what it’s like to experience heartbreak in public. But like Hannah, a kind stranger didn’t hesitate to let her know that she is not alone and will be okay.

Comments that reads: I was flying home after getting word my fiancée died, I was trying not to cry but doing a terrible job. A kind woman bought me a drink and listened to me cry about losing her. I’ll never forget her. Sometimes I see all the ugly in the world and it hard to have faith in humanity. But little acts of kindness like this remind me that it still exists

This is a trend seen in every story shared in the comments of the original post.

“I was crying alone on the beach and a girl came up to me dropped off some shells by my side and said ‘I don’t know what you’re going through but I collected these pretty shells for you,'” another person writes.

Comment that reads: "I had an anxiety attack at a crowded shopping center & sat crying by my car in the parking lot. A sweet lady was walking past while leaving & gave me the plant she had just bought"

There are some stories that especially highlight that, sometimes, folks don’t need grand gestures to feel seen or heard. All they need is someone who is willing to keep them company.

“One time I cried on the bus and an older woman just sat next to me and held my hand,” someone shares. “No words, just squeezed my hand and let me cry.”

No matter what you’re going through, I hope these moments of kindness remind you that you are not alone!

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