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Barbers Dash To Rescue Toddler Walking Straight Into Oncoming Traffic

Security footage showing a road. A red arrow has been added to point out the small toddler running toward traffic. Behind her is a man trying to catch her.

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One second, a Mom in East Hartford, Connecticut was sitting at the bus stop with her child. Then, in the next, the toddler sped off without even being noticed. The two of them were located near a particularly busy intersection. Unfortunately, that is the exact direction this toddler chose to run toward.

Meanwhile, the folks at the nearby LookSharp Barbershop were having a typical day. One of the barbers here, Osvaldo Lugo, says he was in the middle of giving a haircut when he just so happened to glance out of a nearby window. In doing so, the sight of a running toddler caught his attention. Instantly, he dropped what he was doing to rescue after the lost toddler. Fellow barber, Rafael Santana, quickly followed to help.

Security footage captures the heroic moment that both Osvaldo and Rafael took life-saving action. The footage of this harrowing moment shows just how narrowly this toddler avoids stepping out in front of one of the many vehicles on the busy road.

“This was a scary experience,” Osvaldo shares on Instagram. “I’m still a little shaken up.”

Heroic Barbers Successfully Rescue the Life of a Wandering Toddler… Just in the Nick of Time

As terrifying as this situation was, Osvaldo and Rafael couldn’t be more relieved that the little girl is safe — and her mom feels the same way.

“The mom lost track for one quick second. It happens. It’s happened to me before,” Osvaldo says. “The structure of this building and the bus stop, you can hardly see, so she was shocked and embarrassed at the same time, but also thankful.”

Heroes like Osvaldo and Rafael truly make the world a better place!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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