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Baby’s Evil Plans Are Finally Coming Together In This Hysterical Video 


We all wonder what babies are thinking when they’re up to their adorable shenanigans, and one baby finally gave us a clue in this hilarious video.

This oldie-but-goodie TikTok clip is having another round of fame, which makes sense because it’s too funny to get old. It shows a little guy named Cason enjoying a meal in his high chair. And he does what so many babies do—throws his food on the floor.

In most cases, parents think babies are playing a game or learning about cause and effect when they toss toys, drinks, and snacks, but Cason proves that there may be something more nefarious motivating them.

The short video shows the aftermath of a particularly messy situation. The baby had tossed cereal, fruit, and milk on his mom’s wooden floor. He looked upon the mess with his hands clasped and his face twisted into an evil smile as though his plot to creates chaos and messes had been successful.

Over 25 million views later, and people can’t stop laughing at Cason’s reaction.

“My baby cousin does that and we call it his pennywise face 😂😂,” one knowing commenter wrote.

“This baby knows something we don’t 😂,” someone wrote about the video.

“He’s plottin’,” a commenter joked.

“This baby knows something we don’t 😂,” someone else laughed.

Of course, this adorable baby is much sweeter than the video suggests, as his mom pointed out in the comments. Though, Cason does have a habit of hilariously stirring up trouble. But we think that’s something all babies should do!

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