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1 In 10 Million White Bison Calf Born In Colorado

white bison

Every baby is a miracle, but this white bison is one in a million. Well, technically, they’re one in ten million!

That’s right; a white bison is extremely rare, making this sight incredibly special. The calf is standing beside their mom who, as you can see, has no trace of similar coloring. It’s a scientific delight — and a cause for spiritual celebration, too!

A Spiritual Sign

This incredible youngling was found in Colorado only a few days ago. Folks are taking to TikTok to celebrate the calf’s birth, which has spiritual significance to some Native American communities.


💪🏽🦬🌎🦅✍️this is the white buffalo calf born @ April 25 th! #nativetiktok #kansas #yellowstonetv #denvercolorado

♬ Crow Hop – Stoney Bear

“Took my breath away. A sign of hope in a time of turmoil,” commented one viewer about the beautiful white bison.

“What perfect timing for a sign of hope. May our voices ring through the heavens and peace wash over our Mother Earth,” said another, eager to receive the calf as a sign of hope.

The video’s viewers are eager to watch the white bison grow to become full-sized. It’s not clear whether the calf is a male or female, either, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see who this calf grows up to be.

What a special sight to see — and with their mother beside them, nonetheless.

white bison near brown bison
This image is from TikTok.

A difference in species

Finally, a quick pedantic sidenote. While the calf is noteworthy for spiritual and scientific reasons, it’s also worth highlighting that it’s a white bison, not a white buffalo.

The species are similar, but not the same, so now you know: white bison are one in ten million!

This special creature is worth celebrating for lots of reasons. Apparently, there’s a duo of these stunning animals making their way across Wyoming, as well. If a white bison is a sign of good luck, I think we’re on our way!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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