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Daughter Leaves Bun In The Oven For Mom — Mom Has Cutest Freak-Out When She Realizes

A woman looks shocked, mouth open, as she stands in front of an open oven.

There are so many creative ways to reveal a pregnancy. But you don’t have to make super elaborate plans in order to have an unforgettable announcement. The perfect example of this can be seen in a video submitted to InspireMore by Lorna W! When her daughter, Cheyenne, learned that she was pregnant, she took the time to find the best way to tell Mom. The result? Priceless!

The reveal was captured on video by Cheyenne herself. In it, we can see Lorna open an oven to reveal… a single hamburger bun! When Lorna tries to ask her daughter why it’s in there, she pretends to not know. Then, as the two of them discuss this unusual situation, Lorna is hit with a realization… there’s a bun in the oven, both literally and figuratively!

There is something so wholesome about the moment someone realizes they’ve been given such exciting news. This is especially true when the reaction someone has is so full of emotion, like Lorna has when she learns Cheyenne is pregnant. The second the news hits her she, quite literally, screams with joy!

“Isn’t she precious?” someone writes in the comments.

Clever Pregnancy Reveal Includes an Actual Bun in the Oven

After experiencing such a memorable moment, Lorna wanted to be a part of one herself — but in a different way. So, when it came time to tell the rest of the family about Cheyenne’s pregnancy, it seems the two worked together.

During a family photo at Christmas, Lorna volunteers to take the photo. But instead of telling her loved ones to say “cheese,” she asks them to say, “Cheyenne is pregnant.” Just like Lorna, someone immediately starts screaming with joy!

There’s nothing quite like sharing great news with the people you love. The InspireMore team is oh-so grateful to Lorna W. for sharing these special moments with her family for the rest of us to enjoy, too!

These videos were submitted to InspireMore by Lorna W. — submit yours here!

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