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This Baby’s Words Are So Sweet They Made Her Father Cry: Watch

baby father

This baby’s words brought her father to tears, and we’re crying right along with him.

A video showcased by Good Morning America is bringing smiles to many because it shows the sweetest bond between a little girl and her dad. It captures a moment that started as a playful joke and turned into a lasting memory.

In it, the father, Rey, is snuggling with his daughter, Amaya. Her grandmother jokes around saying that Rey is “her baby.” But Amaya won’t have it. She wants her grandma to understand that he’s all hers.

“That is my baby,” the grandmother says off-camera. “Hi baby.”

“No, ‘hi baby,'” Amaya says while shaking her finger angrily.

As the cute argument continues, the baby girl says “My, daddy. He’s my daddy.”

Amaya wraps her dad’s arms around her and pulls him as close as he can get. Then, she tells the camera that “daddy” is her “best friend.”

When Rey realizes what his little girl said, he completely melts and the tears start to well.

“You’re my best friend,” Rey said with a shakey voice.

The Father-Daughter Bond Is “The More Adorable Thing”

The clip, which was originally shared on Rey’s Instagram page, The Mwitis, went viral with over 14 million loving views when it was first posted over a year ago, and people still can’t get over how sweet it is.

“Awwwwww, I’m crying toooooo,” a commenter sobbed. “Sooooo beautiful.”

“This is quite possibly the most adorable thing I’ve EVER seen 😍😍,” someone swooned.

“Awwwww I can’t take this 😫 too adorable I can’t hold my tears 😭,” cried a follower.

“Aww!!! 🥰 she can get anything she wants from him!!!” wrote another. “I love it.”

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