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This Heartwarming Bond Between A Baby & Dog Will Make Your Entire Day! 

Baby dog

A baby girl and her dog have a unique and wholesome bond that they formed before the baby was even born, and it’s melting hearts all over social media.

The Instagram page Ladyandtheblues posted a sweet compilation that depicts the friendship of the little girl named Olivia and her dog, Lady, that started when Olivia’s mom was pregnant.

As the video shares, the golden retriever became protective and doting when Olivia’s mom was carrying her. Lady was so protective that getting the dog to take a walk without the expectant mother was nearly impossible. Then, once Olivia was born, Lady refused to leave her side.

A portion of the video showcased Olivia’s family going for a winter walk in the snowy woods. Olivia was strapped to her dad’s back, and the duo was preparing to leave the mom and Lady alone. But when the dad told Lady to stay, she was visibly upset by the thought.

“She doesn’t want to leave the baby,” the clip captions.

The Sweet Golden Retriever Has Earned A Massive Social Media Following

The rest of the video showcases the heartwarming friendship between the dog and baby. After Olivia and her dad went for a walk, they reunited with Lady to enjoy some sledding, and the close-knit duo was glowing as they enjoyed their snow day.

“After cuddling with baby sis for nine months, their sole duty is to protect that baby at all costs,” a follower noted in the comments. “That’s how they are. We don’t deserve dogs. They are the purest souls.”

“Omg, why did I start crying? This is beautiful,” added another.

Lady’s love has touched so many hearts that she’s amassed almost 5 million followers across all her social media platforms. If you want to watch the relationship grow, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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