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Precious Toddler Makes Grocery Store Requests In Scottish Accent & We Can’t Stop Smiling

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A toddler named Ivy is the definition of sweet and adorable as she makes a few grocery store requests in a viral social media video.

Ivy has become a social media star under her TikTok handle ivythescottishtoddler thanks to her quirky attitude and adorable charm. Videos of her enjoying the simple things or sharing stories have brought millions of views and comments over the years. But her most beloved video to date shows her talking to her mom about her favorite foods.

In the short clip, Ivy’s mom is about to head to the store, so she asks her little girl if she has any requests. The Scottish toddler takes the question very seriously and shares what she’d like and why.

The video starts with Ivy asking for some “garlic aioli from Aldi.” Then, it hones in on the best item, “sausages for the caravan.”

When the mom asks “what else” Ivy would like, Ivy’s eyes light up.

“Sausages for the caravan! I ate two!” she excitedly remembered. “I ate the sausage, too. Remember you got me sausage? Remember you got them for the caravan?”

Ivy The Scottish Toddler brought over 26 million viewers to video, and they can get enough of her “sophistication” and unbridled excitement.

“I’ve never been to Aldi’s, but I d*mn sure bout to go there and get that garlic mayo and some sausage for my caravan,” a commenter admitted.

“*me nodding my head furiously in agreement*” shared a follower.

“I’m Scottish with Scottish babies and even I’m still obsessed with your Scottish baby accent 😂,” added another follower.

“Omg, her little accent and a wee bit of attitude are absolutely adorable!” gushed a commenter.

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