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Golden Retriever Puppy And Cat Become Instant BFFs: Watch Them Grow Together

A golden retriever and a cat laying on the couch right next to each other.

When this family adopted a cat around the same time they welcomed a new puppy into their home, they were a little worried that the two wouldn’t get along. However, the exact opposite happened! Nash the golden retriever and Nala the cat became best buds almost immediately. Now, these four-legged friends are inseparable!

In a heartwarming video, you can see how this puppy and cat started bonding from the very beginning. Although they sometimes played rough with each other, it was all in good fun! There’s also some adorable footage of the friendly golden retriever snuggling with his feline bestie.

This viral montage was reposted by Today on Instagram. Many commenters chimed in with their own positive experiences raising a puppy and a cat together.

“Years ago we adopted a kitten and puppy at the same,” one user said. “We so enjoyed watching them play. So much that we could not get any housework done. But, it was so enjoyable.”

“We did that back in 1986 — and our ‘first kids’ were the best of friends!” another wrote.

A golden retriever and a cat laying on the couch right next to each other.
Screengrab from Instagram

If you want to see more adorable content from Nash and Nala, you can check out the golden retriever’s Instagram page.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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