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Meet Howie, The Crab Who Knows Sign Language & Has Great Fashion Sense

A blonde woman holding her pet crab, who is wearing a hat.

Howie has to be one of the most pampered crabs on the planet, and her owner wouldn’t have things any other way! Social media user Laura Porter has gone viral for her photos and videos of her adorable crustacean bestie. Although this pet is going on nine years old — making her an elderly lady by crab standards — she’s still living her best life! Smart as a whip and surprisingly charming, this animal has a truly beautiful bond with her owner.

Laura takes Howie for outdoor walks, leashing up the crab just like a hard-shelled dog! She also dresses the crustacean up in adorable hats and feeds her delicious treats like caviar.

One of the most notable things about this pet crab and her owner is that the two actually communicate using sign language! Laura explained to People that Howie eventually started picking up on her gestures and imitating them.

“I would always give her food and tap my mouth. Years went by, and one day I started noticing that she would beg against the tank glass and tap her mouth,” she said. “Even I was skeptical at first. I thought it was a coincidence, or that I was seeing what I wanted to believe.”

In 2024, Howie has officially become the internet’s favorite crab.

A blonde woman holding her pet crab, who is wearing a hat.

Howie the crab’s latest claim to fame is that her internet presence won the 2024 Cheer Choice Awards! According to their website, the event “honors positive creators on social media who are making an impact utilizing their platforms.” Laura shared the most adorable photos of her pet crab wearing a crown and holding the trophy in her claw.

It’s amazing how animals can communicate and bond with their human caregivers. We love seeing adorable pets like Howie getting the treatment they deserve!

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