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Brave Woman Confronts Peeping Tom At Target, Catches Him Red-Handed On Camera

A peeping Tom places his phone underneath a crouching woman's skirt.

It’s not always easy to speak up when you see someone doing something wrong, but one Target shopper couldn’t remain silent when she observed a peeping Tom capturing illicit footage! This young man slipped his phone underneath a woman’s skirt while her back was turned. She was busy shopping and didn’t notice that the man had crouched down next to her. Thankfully, Inside Edition tells us that another woman saw the whole thing happen right before her eyes. She even caught the crime on her own camera!

“Excuse me, what are you doing?” the Target shopper said, confronting the peeping Tom. “No, I just saw you put that underneath her dress.”

Although the young man denied her accusation, the woman insisted that she had seen him. At that point, the victim chimed in as well, demanding to see what was on his phone. Police arrested the peeping Tom at the Target in North Carolina. Ironically, this 21-year-old’s name is Thomas Elliot.

A young man is placed in handcuffs by police in Target.
Screengrab from YouTube

As detectives continue to investigate the case, the Greenville, NC Police Department has been posting updates on Facebook. It turns out that Thomas violated more than one woman’s privacy that day. Target security footage shows the peeping Tom attempting similar behavior several times.

“In total, GPD has identified three separate victims at the store that morning and have subsequently charged him with five counts of secret peeping,” the police department wrote.

Because Thomas Elliot has worked and volunteered with children at different schools, detectives are investigating whether or not the perpetrator abused this position in any way. Thankfully, they haven’t found any evidence of illicit behavior with minors so far.

A peeping Tom places his phone underneath a crouching woman's skirt.
Screengrab from YouTube

This peeping Tom might never have been caught if it weren’t for the inspiring woman who stood up to him in Target. It takes a lot of courage to confront someone in public. We’re so grateful that this shopper was brave enough to call out his predatory behavior!

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