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“My Little Girl Walking Into Daycare All By Herself For The First Time”

A little girl walking into a daycare center where caregivers are waiting for her.

When you’re a kid, going to daycare for the first time can be pretty intimidating. We think this little girl did a great job walking into the building on her own! Of course, it helps that the caregivers were super friendly and welcoming. One woman even did a little happy dance as the small girl approached, then wrapped her up in a sweet hug!

Mom was obviously really proud of her daughter for being so brave on her first day of daycare! She shared the most adorable video of the momentous occasion on TikTok. This sweet clip has received around 21 million views!

Commenters loved the way that the daycare employees made the little girl feel right at home on her first day.

“I work in childcare and seeing this makes me so happy,” wrote one user.

“Oh she is LOVED there,” added another. “Such a wonderful feeling to know your kids are loved and cared for.”

A little girl walking into a daycare center where caregivers are waiting for her.
Screengrab from TikTok

Kids are often way more courageous and adaptive than we give them credit for. Parents, however, have been known to have a hard time letting go! Jessica Watts, another mom on TikTok, shared a relatable video about her reaction to sending her child to daycare for the first time. She didn’t take the separation too well! Thankfully, her comments section was filled with support from other mothers.

It can be difficult for both children and parents to say goodbye on that first day of daycare. However, as uncomfortable as trying new things can be, we need to do it in order to grow!

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