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This Clever Toddler’s Dad Joke Went Viral & The Punch Line Will Have You Rolling

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This clever toddler had the best dad joke we’ve ever heard, and the humor is all tied up in the genius delivery.

A little boy named Boston became a star with an adorable joke that asks “Why are chickens so funny?” The answer is, “because,” which may not seem so hilarious at first. But if you watch the TikTok below, we promise it will all make sense.

The video shows Boston hanging out in a barn with a few chickens. He lovingly carried one of his fathered friends in his arms as the joke played out.

The mom cracked up when the toddler said “because” in the best chicken voice, and countless netizens laughed along with her. Boston basically broke the internet with over 111 million views to date.

In the comments, people had jokes of their own.

“That was egg-xcellent!” one person cheered.

“Joke 10/10 – Delivery ♾️/10,” Slim Jim’s official account commented.

“I laughed way toooooo hard at this omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…,” added another fan.

“IT JUST GETS FUNNIER EVERYTIME 😭” someone admitted.

The mom admitted in the comments that another toddler actually coined the joke. Boston simply brought the audio to light with the perfect backdrop. The brains behind the joke belong to a little girl in Florida.

The girl’s mom posted a clip on her TikTok page, Tr1nax. It shows her daughter telling the joke in 2022 with the perfect amount of Gusto.

“This is literally the funniest most well-executed joke on TikTok!” a follower wrote.

“That’s my favorite comedian of 2023. Followed you so I could hear more of her jokes. πŸ˜‚,” added another fan.

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