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Umbrella-Wielding Principal Takes On Turkey Causing Chaos At School

Left image shows a wild turkey that was terrorizing a school in NC. Right image shows the school principal chasing the wild turkey with an open umbrella.

In elementary and middle schools nationwide, the principal is the “protector” of the students. In that role, the administrator accepts responsibility for children for several hours daily. Most principals enter “Papa Bear” mode when something threatens the school or students. That happened when a threatening presence appeared in the school drop-off lane at Alston Ridge Elementary in Cary, NC. A wild turkey was at the school, causing problems, so “Papa Bear” Principal Niko Schutte came to the discussion with an umbrella to save the day.

The incident was explained on the Cary Animal Services Facebook page. The male turkey showed up at the school a few days before the principal’s heroic actions. He made a nuisance of himself hanging out in the carpool lane. School Resource Officer (SRO) Savage moved the territorial turkey several times. He eventually lost his fear, circled the police car, and made a stand.

An elementary school principal chases a wild turkey away from the carpool lane at his school.
Image from Facebook.

When the situation continued, Principal Schutte grabbed his trusty umbrella and took on the wild, hormonal turkey. Using the open umbrella, he got the turkey to move for now. It is mating season for turkeys, which makes the males aggressive and moody. They can be very territorial, trying to win the attention of any female turkey in the area. They will peck at car windows, stand their ground, and chase people to gain companionship during the mating season.

Image shows a wild turkey.
Image from Facebook.

Although the situation seems to be under control, the threat will remain until the end of the mating season when the turkey (hopefully) returns to the nearby woods. Until then, Principal Schutte should keep that umbrella handy and wear his running shoes to deter the territorial turkey. Please share this so your friends can laugh, too.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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