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Parents Try To Capture Their Baby’s First Crawl But A Quirky Videobomber Steals The Show!

baby crawl

These parents were thrilled to see their baby starting to crawl for the first time, so the mom grabbed her phone to catch the milestone on video. But just as the baby was starting to take off, their dog jumped in to steal the show in the most hilarious way!

Every parent knows how exciting it is when a baby has a first. Whether it’s a first word, first step, or first smile, the moment becomes a lasting memory. So they naturally want to capture those first on camera or video.

These parents were no different when they realized their baby was just about to tackle crawling. When their little one got on their hands and knees, the dad sat down to coach them through the moves. And the mom held up her phone, ready to immortalize the excitement. But their dog wasn’t having it. He wanted the attention all for himself.

As the dad helped the baby move their hands and knees in the right direction, the baby laughed with glee. they started rocking back and forth like the motion was clicking and they could do it all by themself. But just as they were showing signs of taking off, the dog jumped right in front of the camera and hilariously stood on his hind legs, completetley blocking the view.

While the dog might have stopped the chance of getting the baby’s first crawl on film, the parents couldn’t even be mad. They both broke down in laughter while the dog continued to stand on two legs and wag his tail.

“The dog is the main character,” a commenter joked on a post shared by Pubity.

“Dog was like, “Ummm s’cuse me, I can stand on 2 and walk on 4. What’s up?’” another person laughed.

“Dying!!! So stinkin cute….gotta get his attention too!!!😂😂😂😂❤️❤️,” shared a follower.

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