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Jimmy Fallon Remembers Hilarious Practical Joke He & Keith Urban Played On Nicole Kidman

Jimmy Fallon Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman once admitted that she had a crush on Jimmy Fallon before she married Keith Urban—and Keith and Jimmy have never let her live it down.

The Oscar-winning actress bashfully talked about her former crush while visiting The Tonight Show in 2015. The two were talking about the last time they had seen each other, which happened when they met at Jimmy’s apartment. Nicole had asked a mutual friend to set them up, and she thought it was a date “hang.”

However, Jimmy Fallon had no idea they were on a date. He thought they were getting together to talk about Bewitched, which she was about to start filming at the time. And when she told him she had “liked” him all those years back, his jaw dropped to the floor.

“Wait, WHAT?” he asked during the interview before literally falling out of his chair. “What are you talking about? Did I date Nicole Kidman?”

During that tapping Jimmy Fallon started the line “I dated Nicole Kidman,” and he’s carried it with him ever since.

Keith Urban Planned A Prank On His Unsuspecting Wife

While talking to Deadline Hollywood recently, Jimmy Fallon remembered that now-viral interview and said the “date” with Nicole Kidman has turned into an ongoing joke that her now-husband Keith Urban has happily joined.

“What’s been fun is running into Keith Urban at all these parties and stuff, who’s a really good sport,” he laughed. “I went up to him at the Met Gala and I go, ‘Hey, I think we might have dated once?’ and he was laughing.”


20 Questions: On Deadline 🖊️ On this week’s episode, Deadline’s Antonia Blyth chats with JimmyFallon. Listen to a clip where Fallon recalls how #NicoleKidman blindsided him on @FallonTonight and the prank that Keith Urban and him did to get her back. Full episode online. Link in bio.

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Keith even came up with a prank to pull on his wife during one time. Jimmy was scared Nicole would get mad, but as one would expect, he went along with it anyway.

“[Keith] goes, ‘Nicole’s talking to someone across the table. Why don’t you go and just hold her hand? She’ll think it’s me, and then I’ll go around the table and wave at her,'” Jimmy shared. “I go, ‘I don’t want to get slapped, oh my gosh.'”

“So I went in, I sat next to Nicole, and I grabbed her hand, and she held it like it was Keith’s probably,” he continued. “She was kind of rubbing it, and she’s having this conversation. Then he went across the table and he’s like, ‘Hi, Nic.’ And she’s like, ‘What — Jimmy! What are you doing!’ I was like, ‘It was his idea! It was his idea!'”

Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban ended up forming a fun friendship because of the crush revelation that extends past simple quips at red-carpet gatherings. Jimmy even invited the couple back to his show to laugh about the awkward date.

While chatting, Jimmy asked if Keith would ever invite him to his house in Tennessee, and Keith said, of course.  

“I feel quite safe because you have no problem ignoring my wife,” he said.

This story’s featured image is by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.

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