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“Opening 60-Year-Old Survival White Bread From A Fallout Shelter”

A hand holds a can of bread upside down over a plate. We can only see a small peak of the bread as it's coming out of the can. On the counter are decor from the Fallout series, including a sign that says "Rad Away," a Vault Boy figurine, and a Nuka-Cola bottle.

Part of the fun in social media is checking out niche interests, both your own and the ones you stumble across. If you’ve ever seen any of Mrs.Fallout’s videos, odds are, you’re a fan of the popular video game series Fallout. But even if you’re not a fan, like myself, there’s still lots of interesting videos on her page that relate to fallout shelters — the one below shows the content creator opening up a can of white bread.

Honestly, the fact that this white bread comes inside of a can is interesting enough on its own. But what makes this uncommon food especially note-worthy is the fact that it’s 60 years old! So, if you’ve ever wondered what fallout shelter food looks like after decades, this is the perfect video for you…

@mrs.fallout Opening 60 year old survival White Bread from a Fallout Shelter #fallout #fallouttok #mrsfallout ♬ I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire – Ink Spots, The

After so many years, you might imagine that the bread would be moldy. On the contrary, this 60-year-old bread looks surprisingly… edible? Okay, so maybe eating it isn’t the best idea, but it certainly has held up much better than expected! Though, if you ask some folks, they’ll say it looks like “compressed saw dust.”

People Have Mixed Feelings Over 60-Year-Old Fallout Shelter Bread

“Texas Roadhouse honey butter would fix that right up,” someone jokes, defending the edibility of the old bread.

Meanwhile, others are less focused on the potential taste of the bread and are, instead, taking a moment to process their own age compared to that of this fallout shelter bread.

“That bread’s as old as I am,” someone points out. “Makes me feel… well, stale.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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