Tow Truck Driver Spots Hidden Car Wreck, But When He Hears Faint “Help” He Jumps Into Action.

When you hear the word “tow truck,” you probably don’t think “hero.” After all, the two truck driver is who gets called when you’ve parked in the wrong spot or that cleans up after you’ve been in a wreck… he’s not exactly your knight in shining armor. But tow truck driver Robert Hooper became a hero when he went to tow a woman’s car and ended up saving her life.


It all started when a woman named Janey Smith called Robert’s towing company for help. Her gas pedal had given out and she was stranded on the side of the road. Soon Robert arrived and loaded her car up onto his truck, but he stopped when something at the bottom of a steep hill nearby caught his eye.

He approached the bottom of the hill and spotted a wrecked car. As he approached, he wondered why the car had been left there. That’s when he heard a sound that stopped his heart… a low mumble and a word: “Help.”


As it turns out, a young man named Steven Ackerman had fallen asleep at the wheel of his car and crashed his car. He was in critical condition and unable to get out or call for help. If Janey’s car hadn’t died just above the spot where he lay, or if Robert hadn’t spotted his car, he easily might’ve died.


Thankfully, the man is now on the road to recovery.

Check out the video to hear this tow truck hero’s story and share!

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