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Paralyzed Pup Gets Custom Wheelchair & Instantly Shows Off The Zoomies

paralyzed pup wheelchair

Brace yourself — this one’s a tearjerker about a paralyzed pup who gets a custom wheelchair.

Pigeon is a sweet dog who became paralyzed after a serious car accident. As a result, she lost the use of her rear legs, and her owner abandoned her.

Thankfully, an angel stepped in to rescue the adorable puppy. Erica, the owner of a dog-sitting business in Savannah, Georgia, knew she was meant to adopt Pigeon. Once she saw a photo of her, the deal was essentially sealed.

“She looked exactly like my dog who had just died, and I knew we were meant to be together,” Erica told GMA. “She’s just so capable that you forget that she’s paralyzed.”

After Erica adopted Pigeon, the pup did her best to move around her new home. In fact, she had an energy that wowed her new owner.

“She just hit the ground running and was fast, if not faster than the other dogs,” said Erica, who deemed her “the most inspirational being I have ever been around.”

As the owner of a dog-sitting business, Erica knew she would make a great owner for Pigeon. However, originally, she’d thought Pigeon would need more help than she let on.

“I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this dog has more energy than I’ve ever seen,'” she recalled.

Paralyzed pup gets custom wheelchair

According to GMA, “After an initial surgery to ensure she wouldn’t be in any pain, Pigeon was getting around fine, bouncing her way through life. But Erica wanted to get her a wheelchair so she wouldn’t have to hop and could truly run,” the outlet reported. “She took her to get fitted for a wheelchair at Eddie’s Wheels, an organization that specializes in making wheelchairs for animals.”

The video below shows Pigeon’s excitement and zoomies after receiving her wheelchair.

As demonstrated in the video — and as said by her owner, Erica — Pigeon is “joy personified.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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