Mattel Makes Trailblazing Move With UNO Braille Deck So Everyone Can Play.

So many American families have experienced the joy a deck of UNO cards can bring. And now, thanks to a new development, even more people can get down to that final second and shout, “Uno!”

It’s all because Mattel is finally producing a Braille version of the game to include blind and sight-impaired players!

uno braille

This is huge news for people with vision problems, who will no longer have to modify their own decks to participate. And the fact that major brands are paying more attention to their needs shows a trend toward inclusivity in our society that we couldn’t be happier about!

“We’re making a real impact on a community that has been underserved,” said Ray Adler, Mattel’s global head of games. “We are proud to have UNO Braille on shelves and to be making UNO more accessible.”


Each card has Braille markings on the corner to indicate its color, number, and action. Otherwise, they are exactly the same as the originals, so blind and sighted people can play together without buying additional packs.

The National Federation of the Blind was involved in the design process to ensure the final version met the highest standards possible. President of the federation Mark Riccobono said the new release will go beyond making UNO accessible: “It’s also helping promote the importance and normalcy of braille by putting it in places people might not expect — like in the game aisle at Target — and integrating it into the play of blind children.”

“I look forward to enjoying UNO Braille with my own family,” he added. And so are we!


Well done, Mattel! The more large brands adapt their products to meet people’s needs, the better off we’ll all be. After all, games are for everyone!

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