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The Epic Moment Rick Astley Himself Got Rickrolled

Rick Astley dances in his music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up." A screenshot from the singer's Reddit comment is edited onto the image and reads: Thanks all for the love, comments, DMs etc! And finally, u/theMalleableDuck I salute you! Rick x

There are countless memes on social media. Most of them diminish with time, left to be forgotten about entirely. Then there are those that seem as though they’ll always be around. This includes, of course, getting Rickrolled. If you’ve never heard of this, first of all, I’m genuinely surprised as to how you’ve avoided this harmless prank.

In any case, here’s a scenario for getting Rickrolled: Imagine that, one day, you’re looking around for info online. Someone includes a relevant link, so you click on it. But rather than finding what you were looking for, you’re suddenly watching Rick Astley’s music video for Never Gonna Give You Up. It’s so silly and yet so funny, even after all this time. An example of a clip that might be used can be found below.

Best of all, Astley himself adores this meme. In fact, he’s gotten in on the fun plenty of times over the years. Still, it seems that he’s rarely, if ever, the person who gets Rickrolled himself… until now.

On Reddit, Astley shared an old photo of himself from the ’80s. It was taken backstage at a Las Vegas show during his very first tour. Fans from around the world replied to the post, hoping to interact with the singer. One person’s comment especially stood out.

Reddit thread:

[deleted user]: Wait, you're actually Rick Astley tho...?

ReallyRickAstley: Yes!

theMalluableDuck: I think I might cry!!! It’s actually you. I met you at a backstage event when I was 12. Seriously a big fan. I’ve seen you in concert five times.

ReallyRickAstley: clapping emoji

Haskie: Whoa whoa, hold up I just have to confirm that I just saw history in the making. Did you just get Rick Rolled Mr. Astley?

As you can see, someone by the username theMalluableDuck says they met the singer when they were 12 years old. In fact, they even include a link, presumably to show a photo of that unforgettable moment. Instead, it’s a link to Never Gonna Give You Up! Impressed, Astley replied with the clapping hands emoji.

Rick Astley Himself Gets Rickrolled in the Best Way

Needless to say, everyone who witnessed this happen in real time were blown away. Astley went on to chat with more fans, but once he was done, he made it clear that theMalluableDuck especially left a lasting impression.

Reddit comment from Rick Astley: Thanks all for the love, comments, DMs etc! And finally, u/theMalleableDuck I salute you! Rick x

Can you believe it’s been 17 years since the very first Rickroll happened? I can only imagine part of the reason it’s been so successful is because Never Gonna Give You Up is a bop. So, really, how upset can someone get when they’re surprised by a clip of this hit song?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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