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What Toddler Thinks Are “Monsters” In Her Wall Turn Out To Be Quite The Sticky Situation

Left image shows a thermal imaging scan with a "warm spot" showing a bee infestation. Right image shows a portion of the wall removed and several hundred bees buzzing around.

It is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Their toddler had been complaining about a monster in her bedroom wall. The wall was “buzzing.” Ashley Class and her family live in an older house in Charlotte, North Carolina. They thought their daughter’s imagination was running wild after watching Disney’s Monsters, Inc. After noticing a couple of bees while playing in the yard, they began wondering. Turns out they had more than 50,000 bees in the wall!

Beekeeper Curtis Collins recognized the signs that a hive was near but well hidden. Using thermal imaging equipment, he discovered an enormous hive in the wall. In an interview with “Good Morning America,” Curtis stated, “I believe that may be actually the first one that I’ve done that was floor to ceiling.” The damage from the cleanup left a huge portion of the wall torn open.

Images show a portion if the wall ripped out during the extraction of tens of thousands of bees.
Image from TikTok.

The Class family has begun a long process of humanely removing the bees from the wall. The goal is to move the hive, queen bee, and honey to a more suitable location. Saving the bees takes more time, but it is recommended because bees are an integral part of our existence.


Day 10. We still have to wait two weeks until we can seal the hole up in order to give bees that are in the walls a fighting chance. Chalk this up to as one of the items I did not think I would be having to deal with while being 10 weeks postpartum. #charlotte #beegate #savethebees #homerenovation #postpartum #momsoftiktok

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So far, they are on their tenth day.

Ashley looks tired after this ordeal. Everything in her daughter’s room has bee residue on it. But after several extractions, at least there is an end in sight. Ashley has posted the entire saga of bees in the wall in several TikTok videos on Ashley’s channel. One of the worst discoveries for the family is that their insurance will not cover the damage repair. Still, her daughter is feeling optimistic — according to Ashley, she’s very excited about re-decorating once everything is fixed!

Left image shows the damage to the wall with wording explaining that insurance won't cover the cost of repair. Right image shows damage to wall with words stating that there is honey everywhere.
Images from TikTok here and here.

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